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Abolish the Marine Corps

To fight the wars of the future, the United States needs to radically revamp the way it fights wars and engages the enemy. A new century and new enemies requires new ideas and a fresh mindset. If we become complacent in the way we do things and operate we are liable to get overrun like the Polish cavalry did during the blitzkrieg of September 1939. In my last two essays, I have explored a few ways and ideas the military could accomplish these. In this newest one, I lay my sights on something a bit closer to home for me, the Marine Corps.

I propose we disband the Marine Corps and fold its current operations into the army or the navy. A marine corps of this size (and its soon to be even larger future size) is just another bloated army like branch with separate uniforms, planes, helicopters that merely replicates what is already being accomplished by other branches with about the same success rate. The marine corps is supposed to be an amphibious attack force, launching attacks on coastal regions from ships and planes. However, in the last 3 major conflicts the Marine Corps has participated in, it has merely been just another army with better looking uniforms and goofier looking haircuts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The idea of a force capable of undertaking amphibious launched attacks is an excellent idea, but is it necessary to have an entire separate branch to conduct these operations? Do we have an airborne corps separate from the army? Do we have bomber corps separate from the air force?

I propose that much of the Marine Corps’ current operations be folded into the army. The Marine Corps fights much like the army on the ground, we use the same weapons, drive the same vehicles, eat the same bad food. There is little need to have a separate marine corps when the current marine corps conducts itself in much the same way as the army on the important facets of war fighting, there is no need to have a duplication of force and effort. Having two branches competing for the same sort of manpower and people is absurd and unnecessary. I propose that units in the army be trained in amphibious operations and be devoted amphibious units or marine units, much like the army already has airborne and mountain divisions. The army has conducted amphibious operations in the past; Europe was liberated because of the army storming beaches in Africa, Sicily, Italy and France. If it did it in World War II, it can do it again in the future. This inclusion in army operations would result in less conflict of interest, less duplication of effort, and I believe overall less waste in the department of defense. Think about the sort of money that can be saved by not having to make separate uniforms for 200,000 people.

The rest of the Marine Corps operations can be folded in with the navy. The marines were first used to guard ships, enforce discipline on ship and make small amphibious landings. The navy already does two of these and through its SEALs, does a good job of doing the last one as well. Marines were supposed to be used in small covert invasions, in fact the first time the marines saw action was at New Providence Island in the Bahamas during the revolution to seize arms and munitions for the war effort. The SEALs these days conduct most of the amphibious based covert operations around the world and fill the role the Marine Corps previously held and most likely should hold. Why should under the department of the navy there be both the marine corps which makes claims of being America’s elite amphibious fighting force while at the same time there exists the SEALs who are supposedly the Navy’s special operations group. Why are two groups doing the job that one could do?

The marine corps is well deserved of its myths and legends and its reputation on the battlefield is second to none. However, it does not need to exist in its current state. Its tasks could be or already are conducted by both the army and the navy and I see little need in having such a huge group existing which merely duplicates these tasks. The military, which has the responsibility of defending our country, cannot allow things to merely exist because of egos, excellent public relations, and outdated forms of doing things. Maintaining America’s freedom requires and demands only the best and if that requires sacrificing the marine corps, or doing an extreme form of down sizing in which it is transformed into a small mobile, special operations commando like force (much like the current Royal Marines in the UK) under the Navy, so be it.



  1. I think we ought to disband the army and the air force and pump all that money into the NSA. The future is going to be an all out info war fought with directed moon-beam technology weapons and covert surveillance intelligence. We need the leathernecks for the tough gigs that the black-ops can’t handle.

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  4. Agree.
    Back when a boat was the fastest way to get from point A to point B, the Corps was a vital tool in war. Now we have aircraft that can drop an infantry company on the other side of the planet within 18 hours.

    They also spend a ridiculous amount of their budget on marketing and lawsuits to squash “unflattering” motion pictures that portray them instead of on things like ammo and food.

    The U.S Army can easily handle coast lines and the Coasties (coast guard) could fill in the gaps easily.

    The marines are treated and funded as a branch of the military even though they are a division of the Navy. I would rather have an intelligence branch of the military (CIA/NSA mix) instead of a redundancy of a redundancy branch.

    Why do we need army and marine infantry, or marine – navy – and air force pilots? They are a drain on the budget. Lose them.

    • Wtf do you know you s.o.b. bloger army this army that why is it the army Rangers have the same skill level as the marines stander grunt a dip shit the marine corp doesn’t pay to have movies made about the marines. Your a fucking dumb ass hole fucking cow shit your dumb

      • You must be a fucking dumbass. Who the hell told you the army rangers were the same as the marines? Yeah there the same even though the army rangers are under socom and the marines are not. Even though most marines trying for the rangers fail. Even though rangers are trained in fighting in all sorts of differnent enviornments and marines are not. Even though The rangers have schools that are way more advanced than anything the marine corps have to offer. Even though the rangers are the most flexible Fighting force in the u.s today. Even though P.T standards to stay in the rangers are higher then the marines. Even though the army rangers are trained in all different kinds of combat insertion like airborne, air assualt, and different kinds of amphibious ops and the marines are not. And if the marines are so much better why do we still have the rangers dumbfuck? How about you watch surviving the cut ranger school before you go and say the marines are better. Get off the comp, Learn to fucking spell, And study up on things before you just go and assume that your right.

    • I’m a Marine. You’re a dumbass. I fail to understand how someone writes such conlusive ideas, yet seems to have no real knowledge of how our services work. For one, the Marine Corps is about 10% the size of the army. The army recievesa third of the total military budget. The USMC gets 4%, and it’s alotted tous by the Department of the Navy. Also, we do the “job” of the army quite often, sure, but you’ve obviously never seen a battlefield. They can’t even DO their own job. The army may “guard” a base, but typically we guard the army. We usually guard the base, though, too. Also, seeing as we’re so much smaller, a similar success rate carries some weight with it. Put that into perspective.

  5. I would be willing to bet, I may be wrong, that you have not fought next to the Army before. I do not mean you passed them in convoy while in Iraq or saw a news story. I mean you were in a firefight with US Army personnel at your side. I have fought next to the Army and I will say they do not fight the same way or as well as we do. The Army does not believe in maneuver warfare, flexibility, or engaging the enemy head on. They defer to firepower, a fixed plan, and armor to fight. These are all things detrimental to a COIN fight. A perfect example would be to look at Anbar Province, Iraq and Diyala Province, Iraq. Both are bordered by countries hostile to our cause (Syria and Iran) and both feature dense urban area separated by open desert and palm groves. Anbar is also populated by the more violent Sunni Muslim population. On average in 2008, Anbar Province had one significant action a day (IED found, detonated, SAF attack, IDF attack, etc). In contrast, Diyala averaged 25 a day. This is despite being populated by more US soldiers and more SOF personnel than Anbar Province. In addition, and this has been reported on the news, the Iraqi Army battalions that have been trained and mentored by US Marines have, on average, 76% less desertions, higher morale, and more successful during combat operations that US Army trained battalions. This is despite the fact that the US Army has been with their Iraqi counterparts longer than US Marines. If the Marine Corps did not exist our military would have no amphibious doctrine, no vertical envelopment doctrine, the three block war concept would not exist, and numerous other warfighting concepts which you were taught at recruit training, would never have been thought off.

  6. The Marine Corps is one of many organizations funded through the government that is a waste of taxpayer dollars. Disband the Marine Corps, take the money and put it into federal funding for education.

    • Yeah that’s a viable practical solution. I’m a teacher and a former U. S. Marine. I look into the face o American youth daily and have watched the progression of increased funding for education to no avail. Toss more and more into education and let the absent mined idiots who propose such ideas continue to find ineffective ways of using that money. The Marine Corps is the last bastion of traditional ideals and commitment. While every facet of American society has capitulated to an increasing false sense of entitlement, weakness, helplessness and apathy, the Marine Corps has refused to change and has molded, facilitated and instilled more quality character development in young men and women throughout this nation’s history than any public education institution.

    • You guys are f**king retards shut the hell up

  7. You are dumb, the Marine Core takes the least amount of taxpayer money and gets shit done just as good or better than the other Branches. The Marine Core is also the 911 call for the United States, unlike other branches the Marines can go to protect the U.S just by having the commander and chief ( the president if your to dumb to know that) say go, and they dont need congress to approve it. And btw all the money that goes to the Marine Core is only around 6% of all military Funding. And i’m willing to bet you would never even have the balls to enlist in any branch.

  8. How about we just do away with all our entire military? we could give all the money from the defense budget to the homeless and we could all love each other and be happy. Your fucking stupid man. The Army is already shit. The only reason we are where we are in Afghanistan is because of Marines. And WW2 would have been lost if it wan’t for Marines. Go Fuck yourself you worthless piece of shit.

    • Wrong, the USMC were not the first ones in Afganistan, your only believing the BS propaganda they feed you so then you can participate in the campaign to discredit all of the other branches sacrfices and accomplishments so then they can get the spotlight in the media. The Marine Corps is not a military branch, their a self serving bureaucracy that want $$$.

    • Also, the Marines did have a part in WWII, but most of the fighting was done by the Army, Europe AND the Pacific. The Marines were using a Island hoping strategy while the Army was doing coordinated attacks on the Imperial Army.

      • Wow pick up a book and read. Of course the Army carried out most the fighting it is only to be expected when you have a force that out numbered the marines 16 to 1, but keep I’m mind the staple of every strategic island defense network from the Solomon islands to the ryukyu islands required the the commitment of 2/6 of the Marine Corps to break the stalemate. The marinas, the Marshalls, the Gilberts and the Bonin were all major strategic positionsthat required more blood and treasure per capita for the Marine Corps than anything the Army experienced in the inept conducted N. African campaign or the invasion of Western Europe or even what the experienced in the Pacific. Read about the ineptitude of the Army’s 27th Infantry Division at Saipan when unable to carryout the reduction of a the Japanese pocket and secondary defensive position. It’s also worth mentioning the 27,000 members of the U.S. Army Air force survived the war because 26,000 U.S. Marines including my grandfather were willing to spill their blood to secure the first bit of Japanese home soil at Iwo Jima and enable those disabled aircraft a safe place to land, not to mention the reduction of the radar sight there. The capture of Tinian in the Marianas, Guam all facilitated taking the war to Japanese home soil. All of these campaigns had U.S. Marines at the center of the attack along with the 77th Division who took over the defense of the beachhead of Asan and Agat after the Marines had secured both. Before you discredit the accomplishment of the Marines in WWII brush up on your history because the reality is that the U.S. Marine Corps hastened the end of the war by their reduction of the Pacific theaters most strategic positions.

  9. All military branches are tools to get the oil for the wealthy oil magnates of America.

    • Yes and without them the sheltered and pampered American civilian public to which you belong to would be among the first to cry about gas remaining at $6-7 a gallon like the socialist republics in Europe. So I ask you, based on our utter dependence on fossil fuels as such a lifeblood to our economy, isn’t that good enough to send us? I spent 8 years in the Marines and I would say it’s enough of a value for me to risk my ass. Would you? Or would you simply complain until something was done to stabilize it (of which youd simply watch from the comfort of your living room) only to retreat back into the cliche weak sheltered
      complaint about going to war for oil. Think about before you jump on the bandwagon.

  10. In the 235 years that the Marine Corps has been in existence we have been in more engagements than any other branch. Add onto that the fact that after WW2 President Truman tried to get rid of us and failed. We aren’t here because we’re needed, the Army could do our job albeit worse than we do. We, the Marine Corps, exist because we are wanted.

    Now answer a question for me, if you had a little Geo Metro that was beat to shit, ran beautifully, and only required a small amount of money for oil and gas, why would you get rid of that for a Ford F350 that looked good, but ran like crap and you were constantly spending money on a new engine or transmission or something. Which would you want….the tiny little Metro that runs good or the F350 that runs like crap.

  11. You can not compare the marines to the army , not even close . We do not fight in any similar way , nor do we even look similar in a way . You can point out a marine an soldier anywhere … but you can tell the difference who is who 95% of the time . Goofy hair cuts fuck you ! fucking hippie , there are reasons why we get our haircuts the way we do , granted some are a bit out there . Look at every war weve been in , take a look back , none of these wars could have been won with out the Marine corps , yes the army has done amphibious landing … look at the result it was a shit show from hell . Ya our military is made to retrieve oil , riiiiiiiiiiiight buck … an you would know this because your in some red neck hack saw back ass country town eating road kill . Outta 100% of the tax payers money we get less then 1 1/2 percent of what is giving to the navy , we dont get shit an make shit happen with what we got !

    Hey Joe ill tell you exactly why We need a Marine corps infantry , cause the army cant cut it moron ! And marine corps pilots are pretty fucking awesome , we dont need everyone to support us we can support are fucking selves. Army are a occupational force , the marines go clean fucking house so the army can come sit on their asses and play video games . They still do there jobs , an i respect that but not the job the Marine Corps Grunt does , I will put any Sqd Ldr against a Army Sgt MAj or officer cause our Sqd ldrs will shit alllllllllllllllll over your versions of sqd ldrs . Look at are NCOs compared to yours , We demand god dam respect at Cpl , you guys have like 3 diff Sgt first classes , no one knows what to do but call you sgt alllll the way up till your a Sgt Maj .

  12. what the hell are you talking about when sombody outside of the USMC talks about the USMC it is halarious. We dont wont to be in the army if we would we would have joined the army we dont want to be any thing other than marines yes there are many jobes that corolate to other services but there is nothing better that calling a Marine fireing btry or Marine air on tgt than having to wiat on sombody else pecking order my last plt was a plt of 81s with 1/1 I would do anything for the marines in my blt/co/plt we are brothers when nobody else is there my brothers will be

    Eddie R. Lozano Gysgt USMC ret.

  13. Um, I think the USCG did more during D-Day than the USMC. The USMC had its day, but that day has passed. I get that pride is getting in the way (Finest self-promoters ever seen). sincerely, the Army can do everything the Corps can do (D-Day – Vera Cruz, and all we are doing is watering down DoD funding. Do I think every soldier is equal to a Marine, NO. But let’s look at the big picture, our Defense budget is BLOATED, we need to drop something and the USMC is the most redundant. I mean if tradition and pride are worth bankrupting the country then I see where your priorities lie.

  14. I’ve had a complicated relationship with the USMC. While I do admire the Esprit de Corps and brotherhood of the USMC, there is no denying my distaste for their “We are better than everyone else” attitude. Sure, confidence is a must of the battlefield. However, I fear what the Corps is becoming. Simply put, nothing more than a bunch of young, egotistical shitbirds, who think every other branch is weak and inferior to them.

    Most of the kids who enlist in the USMC are usually wannabe tough guys and know-it-all’s who think that becoming a Marine will help them get laid and force people to respect them. They completely lack discipline and common courtesy. I see this in the younger NCO’s as well. If this is what the future holds for the USMC, you might as well start using the cast of Jersey Shore as a recruiting tool. At this point, it’s better to let the USMC die with dignity than let it rot.

    But for all those who wish to argue I will give you a proposition. If the USMC can single handedly win a war all by itself, then I will admit the USMC’s superiority over all, and will support keeping the Marine Corps alive.

    Good luck

  15. Disband everything but the marines! save a hell of a lot of money that way, the marines have an Army, a Navy, and an airforce. So why would you disban that? oh wait and there almost always the first sent into battles? i wonder why they would be the first sent? oh yea cause they are skilled at what they do!

  16. Oh and the marines were the first group to attack a foreign territory in march of 1776,

  17. Who ever said the marines have fought in more campaigns and battles then the Army…I call Bu##$hit! The Marines up intil WW2 were nothing more than naval police force. Where the Marines most storied battle involved taking an Island for an Airfield. The US Army on the other hand was securing the nations liberty, settling the American West, fought a bloody cival war against intself, and was liberating Continents…
    They were not even part of the orginal plan to invade Iraq. But because the Navy and the Jarheads cried to Tommy Franks boss, they got a part of the action. The performance in Iraq has been anything but steller. They bogged down many times during the push to Baghdad. They lost the first battle of Fallujah and had to get reinforced by the US Army take it back later that year. During the second battle the Marines failed to keep the pace with Army units. It was reported that the Army had stop their advance through the city multiple times to go back and help the Marines.
    The next USMC screw up was the 2004 battle in An Najif. Where the Marines launched their own attack without telling the Army, of course it quickly bogged down. After the Marines got pinned down the US Army sent the 5th Cav in to rescue them. It took days of heavy fighting to reach the Marines. But again this is all kept hush, hush… The USMC PR machine well and alive. Heck you can’t even right a book about the Jarines unless it is cleared by the Marines. What a waste!

    • Sir, I happen to have the history of the marine corps on my bookshelf right next to me. And it says you’re misinformed

    • As far a loosing the first battle of fallujah you coudn’t be more mistaken the attack was called of because of the upcoming election year the town only had a block and a half left and as far as the army supporting aything or backing up the marines that is also far from the truth the Army heavy batallions were only on the perimeter of the town to prevent insurgents from escaping and to provide re-supply the 5th cav was on the eastern pereimter along MSR Tampa recieved little more then pop shots and were never called in for anything more then Medivacs and to guard the roads

    • Another one to fuck a pencil sharpener

      • Tht one was ment for dave

  18. u guys are crazy to ever think the MARINES be disbanded, Just insane so stfu cause you can never compare the MARINES to the army PERIOD

  19. The most important think to remember here is the Marine Corps you are so willing to disband fought for your right to even say that starting with the revolutionary war! Further more if you have not served in any branch of the military you shouldn’t be so eager to voice your opinion about brothers in arms you no absolutely nothing about. I served in Iraq as a U.S. Marine. With that stated I will not use verbal abuse or tell you your opinion is stupid either. You are entitled to that opinion in a very big part because of the very branch you so easily dismiss. I know you have not done any research on the matter as the comparisons to other branches of service are not even definable as each one serves a entirely different purpose! The Marine Corps is the only branch of service that the Chief of Staff (President) may deploy with out an act from congress! Do your research and pick up a history book before you are so committed to removing a priceless asset to America’s defense’s. I earned the title Marine. What have you done other than come up with a not so thought out plan for the deficit? It’s not just some over blown ego thing either as the U.S. Marine Corps has been in conflict on behalf of this country since there even was an actual country. Again research your history before quoting a bunch of misinformed and disrespectful so called information to people. It is really dishearting to find so many U.S. citizens know so little about were they live and how it came to be! Last fact on the subject to say any other branch even S.O.G.’s (socom is a command group of special operations groups for those who find’t know) can cover the conflicts that the Marine Corps is involved in even as you read this is just ignorant in the fact that the Marine Corps is there before you ever even see any thing about it in the media. Our military is spread out over vast campaigns all over the world. Some you will never even know about. Each branch of U.S. service has its role to play no matter how significant you may believe it is or isn’t! Just so you know a real fact you can quote is the Marine Corps is the tip of the spear in most conflicts more times than not!

  20. All this talk about,merge the Marine Corps into the army and the Marine Corps takes all the taxpayers money. Really? I think the ones making these accusations should do some research. If you think we,Marines, take all this money, then why do train and fight and do many jobs with phased out obsolete gear, and deal with it just fine. Soldiers get all the new advanced gear as soon as its available. We are also the least cost effective of all branches.if we do the same job as the army, why haven’t they tried to phase out the army. We are not glorified soldiers, we are Marines.

  21. what folks are missing here is the a) size of the Marine Corps (it’s too big) and b) the role of the Marine Corps (army duties). The Marine Corps has too much fat and needs to be trimmed down! For the SAKE of the Corps!

  22. I served in the Marines a while back. It always amazes me that we look to a branch of service and think that removing it will solve our deficit issues. Think of the wasted spending of our government and their healthy pension plans that we provide for them. Now think of yourself, weather you are in the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard. If you are in your 20’s today, you may not have a Social Security to collect when you retire. Hell, they just moved back my retirement age and told me that I may see a reduction in the amount after 5 years. And you think that removing the Marine Corps will help that. I am not sure where you learned your maths but that is not economically sensible. Why would you cut the smallest for the biggest impact? Logic would dedicate that you cut the most expensive to gain the biggest bang for your buck. I read all about redundancies within the armed forces. If there were redundant, we would not need the Army, or the Navy, or the Airforce. Why not make them all one force and stop the bickering. We band of brother who have shared a moment in time should be banding together rather than point a finger to disband another. We volunteered and served and the ones that would never know a day without rest, or a night without the buzz of bullets overhead come up with passionate reasons why we should not exist. We sacrifice so that others who didn’t would make policy and pass judgment. I say sleep well tonight America, your armed forces are fighting to ensure that we all continue to speak English in this country. Lets stop sending money to foreign countries and let them stand on their own, lets clean up our backyard. Lets put our troops on our borders to ensure that illegals don’t cross our borders and have children in hospitals for free when the person who is trying to etch out a living in this country pays for it. I say lets stop handing out food stamps and start build a real nation and hand out a career or job that allows you to make a living. Lets get rid of the free loaders. You will see how fast our economy will turn around, lets start raising the bar on education and stop fooling our children into believing that they are smarter than the other countries, look at China…. This is bigger than any of our armed forces… Focus on real tangible issues with real results not the pie in the sky.

  23. I agree 110%. I did in depth research in the USMC, and it just didn’t look good. All these years the lying BS USMC have always tried their best to discredit other branches and make themselves and others that they are the best. Like in Korea, the USMC story is that the Army ran away in the Chosin Reservoir, but really the Marines “Bugged Out” under the orders of General Smith, left a big gap in the defenses, and left the Army to do the fighting, then lied about the whole thing. It doesn’t end there, Iraq, Vietnam, WWII, all of these wars have some BS USMC lies in them. All of the Marines today are brainwashed in training to make themselves beileve they are the best, but we all know that’s not true. I’m disgusted by how much the Marines lie, and there is no reason to keep them around if they continue to lie and act like immature 5 year olds who wants attention, I say disband these lying BS lemmings, theres no reason to have them around if they can’t act mature

    • Y don’t u go fuck a pencil sharpener dipshit, and get your thumb out of your ass

  24. Also, the quote “America doesn’t need Marines, they want them” just proves that they sell their propaganda to the public so then they can brainwash us to think they are better than all of the other braches. Again this disgusts me, how can they discredit their other military brothers who fought and died for equal valor? Because America is corrupt, and is full of people who would beileve in anything anyone says.

  25. You made for a horrible Marine. I’m a liberal married to an over-the-top conservative Marine. But wow, I don’t know how you did your time in the marines, you’re a disgrace

  26. You obviously don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. The Marines are mobilized quickly and serve at the request of the President. The Army, other than the Rangers, cannot mobilize with this speed. There will always exist a need for a rapid amphibious force, especially given the hostilities in the Gulf. As Lee Ermey said “The Marine Corps lives forever so YOU live forever. Semper Fi dumbass.

    One of God’s finest-a Marine!

  27. Im not sure, but are you retarded?

  28. you stupid worthless piece of shit. why not downsize the army costing the american government 244 billion dollars a year with so not needed MOSs like fucking financial management and psychology? wtf are you going to out a rifle in there hand and send them to fight a war, might as well start giving civilians guns, giving them a pat on the back and telling them good luck. Every Marine is a rifleman and has been trained to fight in combat. fucking shit bag.

  29. Don’t you dare touch my beloved Marine Corps.

  30. U are a dumbass, marines are nothing like any other branch, they are the most elite force in the world,,, just because u said that u are a traitor

  31. It is kind of funny reading the Marine responses. In the pacific theater there were many Army units doing the exact same thing as the marines and just as effectively. Even the great Guadalcanal was fought by Army units right along side the Marines. In Iraq in 2005, the marines were taking casualties disproportionate to their numbers in Iraq. (mostly due to a lack of training). While they do specialize in amphibious warfare, the Army proved they could do it just as well landing in Africa, Italy and N. France. The Marines were never designed to win wars, they win battles. They are the knife, the army wins wars, they are the sledgehammer. If you look at the history of the Pacific Theater, the great time of the marine, they soldier was right along side them. However, in the European/African theater, there were no Marines. What has the Marine Corps done the Army has not done? Answer: Nothing.

  32. If were to cut something, it shouldn’t be the Corps but other Weapon Systems such as the Army Abrahams M1 tanks, the Marine Version of F35 Fighter Jet just to name a few. The way I see it, its like Marine, Navy and Airforce Pilots. Do we need 3 different pilots classes? Or should the Airforce be the only ones up in the air? Makes sense right since they are the Air Force, however as I myself went through Marine PLC then OCS to become a pilot, I can see now why it would not be good idea to replace all pilots with Air Force Pilots.

    Air Force Pilots are the most sophisticated and intellegent men and women in existence, however they are more into DogFights than other branches, and dont really do much bombing,* even though they are perfectly capable of doing so, and Air Force Pilots are less of leaders than other pilots, they rely more in technology and what other pilots call “The Book” to accomplish what they do, if you are an Air Force pilot, you will not be put in a situation over your head, if it ever happens technology and “The Book” will solve the Issue, Marine Pilots, we are exclusively to support ground units, imagine us as helicopter who just happens to have a jet engine, we sit still and shoot missiles to target or make quick passes, if you are into Aviation you know a MiG 25 Pilot can take a Harrier down if the pilot is trained well Marine Pilots, however unlike other pilots, share the same training as other officers, regardless of profession. As a Marine Pilot, you are first a rifleman, we all went through OCS/OCC/Academy/NROTC* straight to TBS for 6 extra months of learning how to lead Marines.

    Finally the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, The Navy Pilots. These people are legends they are the most badasses, leaders, kickass pilots in existence, hell, a experienced Navy Pilot can take down a F35 with a P38 if he wanted to (I am obviusly biased, and exaggerating you get the point). A Navy Pilot can land a plane on a strip of deck, pitch black on a storm with 10 ft high waves moving the Carrier up and down can bomb, DogFight, and act as a mini C130 gunship something that does not really work out for AirForce.* Also they are always deployable, and dont have to rely on expensive Foreign Air Bases to operate, they are on a Carrier always moving along with Marine Pilots. I do not know if the Army merger thing will work, I have never been to Afghanistan, so I do not know if the Army is willingly to give up a Base for a ship with tight quarters that sees land every 4 months or so (not sure, varies per deployment) I am fine with a Navy Merger, I am not sure about the Army one.

    As I showed each Pilot Class serves a different purpose, if all purposes are pin down on a single Pilot, it will not be as efficient. Think about Infantry wise, Both Green Berets and Navy SEALs have Diving School to learn how to operate from water, but is water the living sanctuary of a Beret? Of Course No. Can a Army Ranger be trained to do a SEAL job? Sure, and a Delta Operator can be trained to clean the decks and cook too (even though they probably already know how to do that) Point is everyone has a Job. The Marines still have a job to do, we should not be disbanded, instead we should evolve to modern day war capabilities, Amphibious Warfare is long gone and should be replaced, the Marine Corps doctrine needs modernization not replacement with man who are not willingly to do what we do.

    I saw lots of hatred for Marines of WW2, go to a blockbuster and buy the Series “Pacific” it tells the story of the Marines in the Pacific, since most of the figthing on the Pacific was of Marines who were in the FRONT LINES (America was just minding Europeans Business, same way we mind war in Afghanistan and Iraq.)

    True the Army did the Marines Job of Amphibious warfare and look what happens when you put a Army Soldier to do a Marines Job, 6000-7000 dead. Which is why the Army was in Europe, they were supporting French and British Forces while Marines were in the Front Lines of American War in the Pacific which main enemy was Japan not Hitler.

    The Few, The Proud, The Marines. Semper Fidelis

    1-*(According to the documentary “Carrier” released in 2008 Navy Pilots did most bombing on Iraq, I dont know about Afghanistan or Taliban rebels)

    2-* (Varies in what College year you are on, I did it as Freshman so we attended, two Ten Weeks session of OCS one Freshman, one Junior)

    3-* (Navy Pilots and most Marine Pilots are dual cockpit, meaning there is a NFO whose only job is to assist the Pilot in combat operations, however when in stationary mode, the NFO is a deadly force of destruction.) Airforce F22 are single seated meaning the Pilots have more work in his hand.

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