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One of the great things about marines is that for some reason they have been endowed with a fantastic sense of style and a desire to maintain a clean and neat appearance. This has lead to marines being expected to have a fresh haircut at least once every week and most tend to get their hair cut in the ever so suave style of the “high and tight.” Since there are so many marines looking to get a classy look for the Jacksonville nights, Classy Jacksonville offers many options for the discerning individual looking to get his hair and sense of dignity butchered off his head every Sunday.

Jacksonville is littered with Barbershops nestled in between the used car lots, dry cleaners and furniture stores, fast food restaurants and gentleman’s clubs. Most are little more than a little shed with a sign saying Barber Shop, but some also occupy store fronts in run down strip malls. Most offer roughly the same thing, a quickly done haircut usually missing a spot or two of hair, or disregarding the instructions of the person getting the hair cut who asked for a low fade and instead is given a high fade. Most charge between $7 and $10 and seem to have a pretty brisk business.

To say that all barbershops here in Classy Jacksonville are the same would do a great disservice to a town that probably has the most barbershops per capita of any city in the world. For example, New Legends occupies a strip mall next to a tattoo parlor and a boot repair shop on Highway 24. Upon entering you can’t help but notice the life size poster of Al Pacino from the film Scarface hung next to a framed portrait of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. BET will be playing on the television and on the coffee table in front of plush leather couches will be a wide assortment of black gentleman’s magazines for those who are waiting to get a haircut. The haircuts are what you would expect to get in Classy Jacksonville, but the ambiance more than makes up for it.

Another barbershop, the one I currently frequent the most, is called Pro Kutz (with a K and Z because it’s just that fucking Xtreme) is located next to Arby’s and Gruntz. The outside is adorned with marine corps flags, but don’t be scared because they do a mighty fine low fade and every tenth haircut is free. Inside there is a pool table and a big screen TV, an assortment of black gentleman’s magazines and all sorts of marine corps insignia to let you know who they market to.

Altogether, getting a haircut is a weekly ordeal in classy Jacksonville. Every first sergeant in the marine corps is convinced that hair cannot be cut on any other day besides Sunday and that it needs to happen once a week, even though regulations plainly state that it needs to happen no more than once per pay period. Barber shops are filled on sunday, and Classy Jacksonville, true to form, has found another market to exploit and is doing fantastic at it.



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  2. Dude, my hair is so long right now. It’s great! How much longer for you?

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