Posted by: classyjacksonville | April 18, 2009

The Globe

America's Finest Source for news and journalistic integrity

America's Finest Source for news and journalistic integrity

The Globe is the weekly newspaper published by Camp Lejeune and is quite a common sight around town. No matter where you go in Classy Jacksonville or on Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, you are likely to see piles and piles of this newspaper laying about and around. This is not to say that a lot of people read this paper, in fact I think I have never seen anyone read this paper. But it is everywhere, and you could say it has quite the local presence. I decided to pick up a copy today while buying some unfairly priced beer at the store to see what my local journalistic competitors are writing about and why it is that no one seems to read it.

The first thing one notices about this paper is that the overwhelming majority of these articles are about the marine corps and marine corps operations and painting both in only the most positive colors. True Americans, being a free and independent people, like to take their news from such well respected sources as Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and are wary of any sort of government or military sponsored propaganda. And since The Globe for the most part is nothing more than a local propaganda sheet printed by the base, true Americans are right stay clear of it, even if Camp Lejeune is a communist country

Second, and probably the biggest reason why no one reads the Globe is that it feels like reading a high school newspaper, only worse. Perhaps my high school had a better than average newspaper, but the Globe is worse than I remember high school newspapers being. Spelling errors are everywhere, grammar is poor, and the word choice and sentence structure reminds me of 9th grade English. I would like to think that there is a little subversive Corporal like myself who is looking for all sorts of little ways to fight against the man and show his dissatisfaction with the regime, and he found an easy way of doing this was to spell things wrong and write like a nine year old. And I can’t blame him for writing poorly, if I had to write about the latest happenings at the local dump or intramural football games,  I probably wouldn’t care that much either.

One thing it does have going for it is that it edged out the New York Times from the local Starbucks, which either says something about our local Starbucks, or the journalistic integrity of the Globe. It also has some pretty neat coupons in it. Also, it has a little blurb about the latest Courts Martial, sort of like the police blotter in a small town newspaper which are always fun to read and useful to arm yourself with knowledge to avoid pederasts. 

Propaganda is bad. But poorly written propaganda is down right awful and dangerous. But one positive result of poorly written propaganda is that people will take it less seriously. If people take it less seriously, they are less likely to read it. And if they are less likely to read it, they are less likely to be misled by advertisements offering “E-1 and up financing guaranteed” and “Before you take it off, think about how well it fits.”



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  2. Granted, I know the Globe is overall a terrible paper filled with stories that mean nothing to you. However, do not insult the Marines who are killing themselves to put this together. A “Journalist” receives years of training. The Combat Correspondent receives three months. On top of that, what you often see is a morphed version of what they wrote. Plus “Reporters” actually get to choose their stories, which gives what they write more heart. CCs also have to deal with being a Marine and perfecting those skills as well. They don’t just write. They go to the rifle range, participate in physical training, take Marine courses and several other collateral duties. They also make videos and take pictures. Their training is very broad. Although I find a great irony in a Jacksonville “Reporter” slamming CCs. The JDN is horrible. I don’t know your background or credentials, but I am willing to bet that because you are here in “Classy Jacksonville” you couldn’t make it anywhere else. Because, if you were as amazing as you think you are, you would be at Fox News. I would like to see your credentials and get a response from you. I am a very reasonable person, and I would love nothing more than a conversation on this topic.
    Katie Densmore

  3. I too am a reasonable and fair person as well, and you would do well to look at what this blog is and who I was making fun of in this particular article. This blog was from the beginning and continues to be a satirical blog exploring varying aspects about life here in Jacksonville and life in the Marine Corps. It was started as a joke by me to occupy my free time and to entertain my friends and I. For your knowledge, I am a marine, I was sent here against my will, I am not from North Carolina, and I have never worked in journalism. I don’t need credentials because this a work of humor and satire and anyone who can’t take a little joking about what you admitted yourself is an awful paper either doesn’t get it or has no sense of humor.

    It was not my intent to make fun of combat correspondents and if you read my blog you will notice that the one time I mention them I paint them in a positive light and mention the fact they most likely have to write about things they don’t want to and they have no control over. But this is like most newspapers, journalists are given assignments and things to cover whether it interests them or not, and then once they write about it, they can see their work butchered by an over zealous editor. What does make me upset, and what I was making fun of, was the complete lack of any sort of editorial quality, it is the editor’s fault for allowing misspelled and poorly written articles for going to press and not going over what his reporters write.

    Also, combat correspondents are like everyone else in the marine corps who have their job and then have to do all the other marine corps stuff like rifle range, gas chamber, annual training and extra duties on top of their daily job. These training tasks shouldn’t preclude them from doing their job well or at least competently. My job in the marines requires a lot of writing and if I had submitted something up that was misspelled and had poor grammar, not only would it be returned to me to correct, my peers would make fun of me for it as well. And when it is your job to write, and this writing is going to be seen by the world at large, the least you can do is demonstrate that you passed high school English. Also, everyone else in the marine corps doesn’t get enough or proper training before they are sent to the fleet, so I’m not buying that point either as an excuse.

    You are right, the Jacksonville Daily News is even worse than the Globe. And I will get to making fun of it in due course. And they really have no excuse for sucking.

    I’m sure that combat correspondents have it tough and it was not my intention to mock. Well, it was sort of, but I’m sure they are good people trying their best, working their hardest to get the Globe out to the world.

  4. I’m surprised you didn’t mention the fact that your critic considers Fox News to be worthy journalism…

  5. That’s because deep down he considers Fox News not only to be credible, but at the top of his favorite News resources. CJ waited in line for TWO DAYS so he could be the first person in Jacksonville, NC to buy Bill O’Reilly’s Culture Warrior. Fact.

  6. Hi, good post. I have been pondering this topic,so thanks for sharing. I will certainly be coming back to your blog. Keep up the good posts

  7. The Globe isn’t printed by the base, it’s actually owned by the Virginian Pilot.

    Knowing is half the battle.

  8. Thoroughly disappointed. When I saw the title I was sure this was going to be about The Globe and Anchor. Which brings up another subject when are you going to address Tobie’s? Is your blog not big enough to capture all the awesome classiness that exists at the corner of US 17 and Old Maplehurst?

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