Posted by: classyjacksonville | May 4, 2009

The Jacksonville Daily News

Onslow county's finest source for news and information

Onslow county's finest source for news and information

One of the more lamentable side effects about the advent of the internet and 24 hour cable news channels has been the slow death of local newspapers throughout the country. Newspapers in most cities are struggling to stay afloat and remain viable as they cut back in staff and size and continue to lose ad revenue and circulation numbers. And I’m sure that the Jacksonville Daily News is no different. However, this does not mean that there has been any loss of classy Jacksonville spirit in this newspaper. I believe that the Jacksonville Daily News is a true embodiment and reflection of the community it covers, and is worth a look next time you are in your local Starbucks on Western Boulevard looking to drink a latte and purchase the New York Times (only to find you can’t purchase the Times there).

Like most great publications, The Daily News has its own unique style. Reflecting the nationwide shift away from basic schooling and education, the Daily News regularly flaunts correct spelling and grammar provisions, adding its own unique creativity and flavor to the relatively drab world of journalism. Why would anyone want to read an article that was spelled correctly when it is much more fun and challenging to read something that is forever pushing the boundaries of understanding? Most newspapers I have read merely give the city or town of residence for a person being mentioned in an article. However, the Daily News, to give their paper a more hometown feel, gives the street or road of residence for the various subjects of their articles. I think this is a nice touch. I want to know exactly where the accused pederasts and burglars live. Our community can never know enough. The Daily News also, in a personal and moving choice, places obituaries in the front page section, apparently the most important thing going on here in Onslow County is people dying.

True to its mission of covering local stories of interest, the Daily News in its most recent edition covered the state of local adult businesses, which apparently has not been immune to the recession or growing use of the internet. And in last Sunday’s paper, I enjoyed a side story about a local high school boy stealing snacks from his school’s concession stand. It’s also good to know about pederasts, peepers, and other sexual offenders.

All in all, I would say that the Daily News is probably the worst paper I have ever read. Not only is it poorly written, it has myriad spelling and grammar mistakes which make reading it a wince inducing exercise. Does it provide a valuable local source of news, covering local crime, town hall meetings and the local economy? Yes, it does. But is it so much to ask to spell things correctly? Even the staff of lance corporals at the other local paper, The Globe, doesn’t mess up quite as much. Perhaps Americans would care more about the demise of small town journalism if these journalists cared about the sort of things their teachers would have attacked with their red pens and pencils back in high school and elementary school. And given the advent of microsoft word and spellcheck, this is even more unforgivable.



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