The Complete Classy Jacksonville

1) Where is Jacksonville?

2) What Is Classy Jacksonville?

3) Jacksonville Bowl Arena

4) Alcoholism

5) Why Camp Lejeune Is A Communist Country

6) UPDATE: Jacksonville Bowl Arena

7) Bumper Stickers

8) The Mean Mug

9) Ford Mustang

10) Escape from Classy Jacksonville

11) A New Moral Paradigm

12) Return to Classy Jacksonville

13) Hope Comes To Classy Jacksonville

14) Wal Mart, Friday Evening, Pay Day

15) The Fifteen Before Fifteen Game

16) The Jacksonville Mall

17) The Recession Strikes Classy Jacksonville

18) The Globe

19) A N00b’s Perspective

20) The Jacksonville Daily News

21) Barbershops

22) Golden Corral



  1. You make me proud to come from 2nd Radio Bn. Rock the fuck on.


  2. It makes so much sense that Classy Jacksonville just wont understand!

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