Posted by: classyjacksonville | March 23, 2009

The Fifteen Before Fifteen Game

The Fifteen before Fifteen Game

Marines are not to be trusted with certain things or responsibilities. They are not mature enough and cannot be expected to handle certain adult responsibilities that most Americans are able to deal with and handle. Marines can be trusted with top secret information, millions of dollars worth of gear and equipment, grenades, assault rifles and ammunition. However in the eyes of most leadership, marines cannot be trusted with the simple adult responsibility to show up on time to work or whatever other duty has been assigned that day. To counter this problem, the marine corps came up with the fifteen before fifteen game which is always an amusing spectacle for those involved.

In the civilian world, employers use the highly ineffective and ineffecient model of telling their workers to be at their place of work at a certain time and if they do not arrive on time, they will most likely be reprimanded or if the problem persists, they will be released from their present state of employment. But the marine corps, as a paragon of effeciency and fairness, has a far better solution. Instead of just expecting their marines to show up at 8 in the morning when they need to be there, they will tell them 7:45, because it would be a travesty and most likely marines will die in Iraq if they are not fifteen minutes early to a formation in front of an armory, which doesn’t open until 9, to receive weapons. But since the platoon sergeant told his squad leaders he wants them there at 7:45, these squad leaders who want to play the game as well will tell their team leaders to have their marines there at 7:30. These team leaders not wanting to be out done or seen to be bad leaders tell their team members 7:15. So, what orginally started as a leader wanting his marines to clean their weapons at the armory once it opened at has now translated into them standing at the cold and rain for an hour and 45 minutes.

Marines love nothing more than having their time wasted and standing around waiting for no apparent reason. Most marines don’t have families and would much rather spend their time standing around doing nothing at work than letting those married marines spend time with their wives or children. Standing around doing nothing builds commradarie and improves morale exponentially.

But god forbid you be the one who arrives late, by even a minute or two. Because then the next day you can expect to arrive another 15 minutes earlier and everyone else who is in your unit can expect to show up earlier as well because as we all know from the Treaty of Versailles after World War I, collective punishment does wonders.



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