Posted by: classyjacksonville | March 2, 2009

Hope Comes to Classy Jacksonville

Our President speaks to a captivated audience of America's Finest

Our President speaks to a captivated audience of America's Finest

Hope, although it is a feeling, a placating element and a fervent desire, can sometimes manifest itself, and Friday morning soaring in a gleaming blue helicopter, hope landed on the parade field at Camp Lejeune. After marching to the field house, spending several hours waiting in the seats, our commander in chief strolled out on the stage with an entourage of generals and defense officials while flourishes and “Hail to the Chief” played in his honor.

The president’s words were like smooth reassurances, his style both emblodening and deeply comforting. He listed out his new plan for the Iraq drawdown and refocusing our efforts on Afghanistan. He also stated that he would continue to improve veteran benefits and work to ensure we have a solid 21st century GI Bill. All of these were good to hear and have left me certain that even though our country faces some daunting challenges and some hard times ahead, our president is going to do as much as he can to help our country maintain our greatness, increase our prestige abroad and at home.

At first it seemed like the President was having a hard time with this audience, the military crowd not addulating him with the messianic applause he normally gets, but he remained smooth and stalwart until he mentioned he intended to give the military a pay raise for which he received a rapturous response. Obama might not be as beloved by a majority of the military in a way his predecessor was for some reason, but it seems like he is going to do more to gain their attention and respect and not neglect them in the way the Clinton administration did.

Obama’s visit to Camp Lejeune was a pleasant diversion and gnarled traffic on and around the base for untold thousands. It is nice to see our president taking an interest in our military and being so concerned for our well being and our nation’s foreign policy.


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