Posted by: classyjacksonville | January 24, 2009

A New Moral Paradigm

A new year and a new president is bound to bring all sort of changes to our country as a whole. But I think our new president is going to affect our little community of Classy Jacksonville in ways that we couldn’t even have imagined. If Mr. Obama and the congress bring about their proposed changes and allow homosexuals to serve in the military, I believe the very fabric and culture of the town of Jacksonville is bound to change as well. And I believe it will be a change for the better.

I believe at first the changes will be subtle. I envision an Express for Men opening up at the Jacksonville mall. I see stores running out of chaps. I see males wearing a lot more color and style in their clothing. More minis instead of mustangs seen on the street. But I think in a town full of mostly young males, I see the changes going even further than that. The Driftwood having a male only night perhaps. The marine corps finally outlawing small, tight, nylon shorts that leave nothing to the imagination. Swinger’s parties in Tarrawa Terrace would also have a new twist to them. I think establishments will be better decorated and we’ll see wine lists expanding beyond a choice between merlot, blush and white zinfandel. Fine dining will also make its debut in Jacksonville,  and perhaps a wine bar as well. Style and fashion will definitely be taken a lot more seriously so that we don’t see quite as many frightful scenes of confederate flag t-shirts being tucked into blue jeans or polo shirts and pleated khaki shorts. The theatre may also make it’s debut here and I could see a traveling version of Rent putting on a production here. I also foresee a proliferation of antique shops along Highway 17 and more Cher costumes at Halloween time.  

Allowing gays in the military will bring a much needed diversity to the city of Jacksonville and create a new moral paradigm for a town which is mostly populated by a military which has long banned homosexual practice. Not only is this a change that is long overdue for the American military (denying people the right to defend their country based on their sexual orientation is not only discriminatory, it hurts the war effort as well) I also see it doing nothing other than helping the local economy. It might be a bit more awkward going to eat at Chili’s with your buddy on a Wednesday night, but I think it will be a change for the better in Jacksonville. Better decor, better food, better wine, better culture, better clothes and better style.



  1. “The marine corps finally outlawing small, tight, nylon shorts that leave nothing to the imagination. ”


    And I completely agree: Bring on the gays!

  2. Finally, we can do away with wearing 18 collared shirts at once with every one of the collars “popped”. I never thought this day would come. It’s…glorious!

  3. Outlawing silkies? Oh, say it ain’t so. Don’t take away what little joy I can still find in the Corps.

  4. A few things need to be pointed out, or submitted for your consideration. You believe that by allowing gays to openly serve in the military the very fabric and culture of Jacksonville is bound to change. Much needed class would come?

    The first thing to consider is that there are “classy” (I think it’s a silly and rather meaningless word, but I’ll go with it for now, and pretend it’s important) straights and non-“classy” straights. There are “classy” gays and non-“classy” gays. There are “classy” and non-“classy” human beings. Most straights who join the Marine Corps are NOT classy people. There is no reason to believe that it would be significantly different with gays.

    And it would need to be significant to bring about the changes you predict. Some gays will join the military, fewer will join the Marine Corps, and only some of those will go to Jacksonville. The military is not going to become full of gays. A market for “class” and fine dining will not exist just because gays are allowed to be open about their sexuality in the Marine Corps. Or do you think enough gays will come for Driftwood to financially justify having a male stripper night?

    Even if the markets did exist and such stores and businesses did open up, is this what you define as “culture”? Culture is what retails stores and restaurants are around? Culture has alot more to do with history and develops over long periods of time, allowing gays into the military openly will not open up any “culture”. I will ignore your erroneous belief in such a thing as a better culture, and the even more erroneous belief that Express for Men is a sign of one.

    Your man in the article that you refer to shows that the Army asking when it wasn’t supposed to is bad for the war effort. That was a breech of policy and witch-hunt, not to be confused with the current policy about gays. I see no evidence to suggest that our current policy (except for cases like the above where that policy is blatantly violated) hurts our war effort.

    Marines uniforms must fit them, this is not discriminatory against blacks. We do not discriminate based on sexual orientation, we discriminate against certain acts. There is a huge difference between those two. Besides, whether a policy is or is not a form of discrimination is the least important thing I can think of. “Defending ones country” can hardly be considered a “right”, unless you believe every American, young an old, sane and retarded, fit and obese, should be blindly allowed to do so.

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