Posted by: classyjacksonville | December 23, 2008

A Promise and a Call For Help

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything new about Classy Jacksonville and have in the meantime meandered into subjects such reforming the military and getting rid of the marine corps. However, in the coming year I promise a return to form on Classy Jacksonville and further exploration of the many facets in Classy Jacksonville culture and society. When I do return from my book tour of the middle east, I will only have a few months left to explore Classy Jacksonville and document the culture there before I get out of the marine corps. This will require on my part full and complete journalistic attention and fervor. I have begun a list of topics that I would like to address once I get back but I am also calling out to anyone who has any ideas of their own that they would like to see written about. Also, if you would like, it would be cool to have some guest writers as well. So if you would like to write something, I’d be more than willing to post it or link it or whatever and give you credit for it and all. The more minds documenting classy Jacksonville the better. 

Here’s a list of some forthcoming articles and topics:

1. The Driftwood

2. Getting a Tattoo

3. Buying a Car

4. Texas Themed Steakhouses

5. Wal-Mart

6. Golden Corral

7. Barber Shops

8. 7 Day Store 8 PM Tuesday Night

9. Lifing

10. The Jacksonville Mall

11. Tarrawa Terrace

12. Radio, The Jacksonville Ninja

If you have any further ideas or articles that you would like to see put up here,  email them to and I will get back to you.

Good luck and stay classy!


  1. Good too see your finally giving this the attention it deserves.

    Now where do I get my T-shirt??

  2. 13. Waffle House/ Waffle Shop (especially Saturday mornings)

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