Posted by: classyjacksonville | July 16, 2008

Ford Mustang

Most Marines drive Ford Mustangs. It is lost in the primordial brewing of the beginning of time how exactly marines sat down and decided they would all drive Ford Mustangs, but it happened, and one can not help but notice an inordinate amount of Ford Mustangs no matter where one goes in Classy Jacksonville.

The Ford Mustang was introduced in 1964 originally, and it was quite the popular car. Hell, I think people wrote songs about it and the many look alike copies that other car companies made. But somewhere in the early 70’s, Steve McQueen stopped driving it and the the Mustang ceased being inherently cool.

Now some of you might say that I am merely hating, that my extremely masculine and powerful 1996 Nissan Maxima could never hold up to your Mustang. But that is entirely the point. I had a friend in high school who had a 1970 Mustang mach 1 that him and his father had spent years rebuilding and making road worthy again, a fine father son pursuit, and never once did it ever occur to me to me that mustangs are uncool all the times I had the privilege to ride in it. But every time I see a Mustang drive by my front stoop, rev its engine and peel out, I grimace and cry. 

Is it merely because I am white that I feel the need to be different from everyone, albeit in very small ways?Is it just because I have an uncool car that I payed with own hard earned cash? Is it because I am tired of almost being run over by mustangs walking to the chowhall? No, it is not any one of those things specifically but let me paint you a story…

Mustangs are classy Jacksonville. Everyone drives them. They are just sporty enough so your average trailer trash who joins the marine corps straight outta high school in Indiana thinks they are cool. They are also just affordable enough to make sure your average E1 can afford payments on it. Even though most places in America consider the Mustang a girls car driven by girls who have horse looking faces, for some reason in Classy Jacksonville, it is a man’s car. And who I am to argue? I might get mean mugged!


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