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Why Camp Lejeune is a Communist Country

Camp Lejeune is a communist country. Now, you might think, that thought is absurd, how could there possibly be a land devoted to the philosophy of Marx in the middle of my United States, especially in the south, but there is. Trust me on this one, I lived for a year in East Germany, I know communism when I see it, and Camp Lejeune smells red!

The first thing that makes you think that Camp Lejeune is a communist country is the walls and fences surrounding the base and the gate which is staffed by several men in military uniform armed with assault rifles. If all your papers of identification are in order, you are allowed access to the base. Upon entering the base, there are a series of signs, posters, and banners encouraging everything from safety, professionalism, reenlistment or just plain patriotism and unit pride. The road leading from the main gate to “main-side,” the main part of the base where the Post Exchange (store), Comissary (Grocery Store), gas station, liquor store (although you can buy liquor at any of the px’s on base), is a wide boulevard style road with a wide grass median. Upon getting to mainside after driving through the woods from the main gate, the propaganda signs will start again and just about everything in sight is decorated with the marine corps emblem, the eagle, globe and anchor. Also the all the street light poles will have American or marine corps flags flying from them, and thinking about how many street lights there are, that’s a lot of flags. The triumphant boulevard will go past a massive parade field, where, if there is some sort of ceremony happening, there will be tanks, trucks and other military vehicles displayed. It also goes past the coal power plant, belching smoke into the sky from the tall smoke stacks that loom over Camp Lejeune. The triumphant boulevard runs into a roundabout and displayed in the middle is a statue of John A. Lejeune, and some well manicured flower gardens. No matter where you go from there, you will notice that all the buildings look the same, are made of concrete, and are placed in a very uniformed fashion no matter where you are. You will notice that a disproportionate amount of Ford Mustangs and large trucks driving around. Also, everyone has the same hair cut, the marine regulation “high and tight,” they all wear the same uniforms, even roughly the same non military civilian clothes, as the marine corps even regulates off duty wear as well.

Now, some of you might be thinking, this sounds like a military base, how does any of what you just stated make Camp Lejeune a communist country? But all of what I said and even some other things make Camp Lejeune a communist country. All one would have to do is switch a few things, and Camp Lejeune would be a place, that Stalin or Chairman Mao would feel right at home in. Replace the slogans promoting safety and marine corps pride with slogans encouraging achieving the 5 year plan or some Lenin quote. Replace the American flags with red banners, the eagle, globe and anchors with the hammer and sickle. Replace the statue of John A. Lejeune with a Lenin or Stalin statue. Replace the mustangs and trucks with a Lada or Trabant. And you would be more than on your way to making Camp Lejeune a communist country.

But the communism that is rife and endemic in Camp Lejeune goes much deeper than just the surface. The entire marine corps culture is communist. Marines receive free health care, marines have access to free sports and weight lifting facilities, the post exchange has no sales tax and for the most part the prices are lower or commensurate to those in the real world, the commissary has subsidized food prices (milk, bread and other staples have established prices that cannot be raised), gas is cheaper and subsidized, alcohol is cheaper. Marines cannot get fired from their jobs. No matter how incompetent I am at my job as a marine I could never be fired and will still be payed exactly the same. If I excel at my job, I won’t get payed more. If I stay late and put in long hours I get payed the same as if I didn’t work at all that day. If I do excel at my job the most I’ll ever likely see from it is a medal or a certificate of commendation. 

Also if I do something that displeases my superiors, all they have to do to charge me is bring Article 15 Non Judicial Punishment charges against me, and if they can’t find a specific offense (such as drinking while on duty, murder, desertion), they can charge me under Article 134, the general article, which allows them to punish me for whatever they deem is bad. They can charge me without any proof, or just merely the word or heresay from a non commisioned officer. If that doesn’t sound Kafkaesque, I don’t know what else is. 

There is even the civilian off duty dress code. I can’t wear sandals in public except when at the beach or in the shower (many marines will in fact refer to them as shower shoes), I must always have a clean shaven face, I must always wear a belt, the hair cut regulations, my clothes must be in good taste and if they aren’t you can be sure that some staff nco is going to stop me and lecture me. The fact that even a simple act like going out to eat or going to the store can result in getting lectured and sent to get other clothes is retarded. Why does the marine corps suppose that it should have this sort of control over my life, that even when I am not at work, I am reminded about all the assinine rules and regulations I am required to live with every day, many of which I feel do nothing to promote discipline or our fighting ability and accomplish only the destruction of morale and retention.

Now, you might say that I am over exagerating and that living under a totalitarian regime is worse than being in the marine corps (which it is), and that I have no right to compare my own self imposed plight to that of those in North Korea, China or the former Soviet Union. The fact that I am able to write this and publish this is proof that freedom still exists even in the concrete swamp that is Camp Lejeune. But the fact of the matter is that if anyone in charge of me found out I was writing this and they felt I was bringing a bad name to the military, they could charge me under article 134 of the uniform code of military justice and order me to remove all of this and would probably make my life miserable with extra duties for a few months. Now, that isn’t quite as extreme as being sent to a Maoist reeducation camp or a gulag in Siberia, but if I was a civilian not in Camp Lejeune, I could write this without any sort of fear. And the fact that I could be punished for executing my first amendment rights as an American, is communism in its purest form and utterly un-American.

All these things come together and help make the Peoples Republic of Camp Lejeune an integral part of Classy Jacksonville. It also makes you understand the depression, conformity and despair that must go into living in a communist state. From the gray buildings to the despair in not advancing and feeling trapped in a job and place you might not enjoy, following rules and regulations that limit your freedoms even though you can see and know that people just over that wall don’t have to put up with the same things. It’s true none of us will rise up (and I’m not sure I would want us to), and that we are placated with cheap alcohol and 4 day weekends, but Camp Lejeune feels like a communist country and even Classy Jacksonville can do nothing but try to provide that skewed window on the world and America we are defending.



  1. America

  2. […] lack of smiling extends beyond even official photographs taken in dress uniforms in front of flags (these portraits are much like the portraits hung in every North Korean room of the dear leader Kim J…), it is also a favorite past time to drive around Classy Jacksonville in your Ford Mustang mean […]

  3. Why, O’ why are u so negative, I could sit here and give negative feedback but I will not. When you step out your door in the morning, stretch for me then turn around three times, because you can, then take a trip to Cuba or North Korea and try that you will find out what A communist area is about. Now I don’t know you and really hope your not involved with the Military not even a spouse” You can’t have any connection with military” wow that would be odd,mmmm- so the next time u see that bumper sticker remember they earned that right to put it on there, and the next time you see that mug shot remember they are a leader, the next time you look at that fence remember not to climb it. If you need a bus ticket I can help you out! If you need a ride out of town I have a bicycle you can use and if you need a Plane ticket out of the country I am sure I can arrange that! So hopefully I motivated you to write about fluffy bunnies.

  4. Yes, thank you. I forgot how blessed I am to live and serve this country every day and how lucky I am to see the red white and blue emblazoned everywhere and see the stoic countenance of the commandant and sergeant major looking down on me. I also know about the sacrifice that all those marine wives go through when their husbands deploy and if they want to put a sticker on their car telling the whole world the job their husband does, go right on ahead. Sometimes one just forgets how lucky we truly are and we need to be reminded by a true American like yourself. Otherwise we might start marching around in mass coreographed formations and saluting everything en masse. True patriots like you are what keeps America great and free and help make Classy Jacksonville what it is.

  5. These colors don’t run.

  6. […] The first thing one notices about this paper is that the overwhelming majority of these articles are about the marine corps and marine corps operations and painting both in only the most positive colors. True Americans, being a free and independent people, like to take their news from such well respected sources as Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and are wary of any sort of government or military sponsored propaganda. And since The Globe for the most part is nothing more than a local propaganda sheet printed by the base, true Americans are right stay clear of it, even if Camp Lejeune is a communist country.  […]

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